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The Big Apple is a city that never sleeps. While America’s financial hub boasts of suited men and women parading down Wall Street, it also is the focal point for many a sport in the country. Some of the most iconic sporting teams ply their trade in New York City and if you’re in the city for business or just hopping in to take the sights and sounds in, then you’ve got to experience the best of sport!

A fusion of rounders and cricket, baseball evolved over the years and in September 1845, a group of New York City men founded the New York Knickerbocker Baseball Club. One of them— a volunteer firefighter and bank clerk Alexander Joy Cartwright—would codify a new set of rules that would form the basis for modern baseball, calling for a diamond-shaped infield, foul lines and the three-strike rule.
One of the most recognisable sights of modern day sport is the pinstripe of the New York Yankees, the most successful Major League Baseball team. From Babe Ruth to Derek Jeter, the Yankees have had powerhouses in their roster and are undoubtedly one of the swankiest teams. Pick a day, get yourself a Yankees baseball hat and head over to Bronx to root for the folks in pinstripes!
The last Grand Slam of the tennis calendar is another not to be missed experience! Flushing comes alive during the U.S. Open, one of the oldest tennis championships in the world. The US Open is held annually, starting on the last Monday in August, and lasting for two weeks into September, with the middle weekend coinciding with Labor Day. Since 1978, the tournament has been played on acrylic hard courts, at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, which makes for fast paced, action packed tennis!
Soccer, as it’s known in the U.S.A., is still to catch up as a popular sport in the States, but there’s no denying the buzz that the sport is garnered in recent years. The city’s premier footballing institution, New York City FC has had some exciting names to boast in recent years. The likes of Frank Lampard, Andrea Pirlo and David Villa have all entertained in the sky blue jersey and the MLS is an exciting prospect to be a part of!
One of the most iconic arenas in the world - Madison Square Garden - is home of the New York Knicks. Part of the best basketball league in the world - the NBA, the Knicks in their blue and orange standout as one of the must watch teams in the world! If you’re lucky, you may even bump into Joey Tribbiani from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. there!
4-time Superbowl champions, the New York Giants go to work at the Metlife Stadium, a cauldron that packs in 82,500 people on game day! The Giants are one of the 5 teams that joined the NFL in 1925, and is the only one in that group still active today. The team ranks third in all-time ranking with a total of 8 titles to its name. There’s a fever and intensity to football games, that reach dizzying heights, and if you’re looking for an unmatched atmosphere, you ought to catch the Giants in action!
The city of New York boasts of two professional ice hockey teams - the Rangers and the Islanders. Watching burly men glide on ice is a spectacle in itself, but the drama and excitement are compounded when these men go toe-to-toe with the opposition in what is a pretty physical sport. A frenetic pace coupled with physical exchanges makes ice hockey a thoroughly entertaining sport to experience!

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